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  1. How to update map for nüvi

    Please visit: to register your device before downloading new map. If you experience any problems regarding map update, please contact Garmin directly at email: or call: 886 2-26429199.

    For more information, please call our customer service at 0-2266-9948, Monday-Friday, 09:00-18:00 or via email at:

  2. Interesting websites
  3. How to extend battery life

    These are recommendations for extending battery life of nüvi navigators if you find yourself in a situation that there is no source of power available for charging your device:

    •Store the unit within proper temperature.
    For example: remove the unit from car's console every time that it's no longer needed. If you have to park your car outdoor directly under sunlight, please avoid leaving the unit inside your car under extreme heat.
    •Reduce the volume.
    •Reduce the screen's backlight.
    •Shorten the screen's timeout.
    •Turn off Bluetooth™ (for supported devices)

  4. Memory card size for nüvi models
    Users can purchase a blank memory card from an electronics supplier. It can be used to store files, such as maps, images, MP3 songs, video files, waypoints, and custom POIs. The recent nüvi devices support high capacity microSD and microSDHC memory cards, especially the nüvi 3560LM can support a card size up to 32 GB.
  5. Auto Zoom function in nüvi
    Typically a nüvi will remember the map's scale that set by user, but sometime the map will zoom out when driving on highways, tollways, intersections, or roads with many lanes or crossroads. If driver drives very fast, the map would also be zoomed out automatically. When a car resumes normal speed, then the map will return to the scale previously set by user. Some nüvi models provide the ability to enable or disable auto zoom function.
  6. Reset Go Home in nüvi
    Sometimes users may want to reset "Go Home" position. This can be accomplished from main menu, select Where To? > Favorites (or Saved in nüvi 3560LM) and delete a list names "Home". Then a new Home position can be set.
  7. How to find roads or sois in nüvi
    From main menu, select Where To? > Address. Make sure the road or soi (narrow road in Thai) that you are searching locates in the city name displayed on top of the screen, otherwise select the right city first. Then select "Search All". The next screen will ask for house number, just select "Done" to skip this page. Next enter street or soi name, for example: if you are searching Si Lom road, enter "Si Lom Rd." If searching for Si Lom soi 3, enter "Si Lom Soi 3". Sometime if you just enter name without specify Rd. or Soi, the listing will show both road and sois if there is enough space on the resulting page.
  8. What to do if the nüvi screen freezes
    User can perform a Soft Reset if the nüvi screen freezes by holding the power button for 35 seconds until the unit resets itself before resuming normal operation.
  9. Can't power on nüvi after long absent of charging
    Don't left internal battery completely drained because this will shorten the battery life. Should regularly check the power level if not using it for a long period. It takes approximately 4 hours for charging with AC adaptor, and 7-8 hours with USB charging (by connecting to a computer).
    If the battery is completely drained and can't turn on the unit, recharge the battery for about 30 minutes. Then press and hold the power button for 35 seconds to turn on the unit. If the unit still can't be turned on, it may need inspection by the company.
  10. nüvi gets infected by computer virus
    nüvi can be affected by connecting to a computer that already infected by virus. Typical symptoms are: random problem of not be able to turn on the unit, or can't function properly. The unit must be scanned to get rid of virus by using an anti-virus program.
  11. Video displays on nüvi 3560LM with GDR30
    If user sets the recording quality of GDR30 with 720P (1280*720 pixel) or higher (1280P, 1920*1080 pixel), the nüvi 3560LM can't display the image at these qualities because its screen only supports 800*480 pixel. To display video at HD quality, it must be shown on a PC.
  12. How to display ecoRoute button on map page for nüvi 3560LM
    Normally the ecoRoute button should be displayed during navigation. But in nüvi 3560LM, this button is hidden until reconfigure the display by:
    1. Set up the ecoRoute values first (Apps > ecoRoute).
    2. Set the ecoRoute button to display on map page by selecting this button to replace either sound on/off button or stop navigating button which are the default buttons (Settings > Map & Vehicle > Map Buttons).
  13. Why see a light bulb at the bottom of display when turning on backlight in Forerunner 235?
    This is normal. It is design by intent from Garmin.
  14. Why Forerunner 235 only provides Lap alert, but no alert for Pace/Speed and Heart Rate?
    Because current Garmin Connect Mobile app is not support this feature yet. Garmin will release a new version to fix this issue by the start of April, 2016.
  15. Why video from GDR 190 driving recorder shows tomorrow date, instead of current date?
    This is software issue which has already been fixed on version 4.40. Please download from:
  16. Why when lifting an arm using vivosmart HR not trigger Backlight?
    Garmin has enabled this gesture based Backlight trigger with new software version 3.00.
  17. Activity Tracking Accuracy
    Garmin activity trackers are intended to be tools to provide you with information to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. Garmin activity trackers rely on sensors that track your movement. The data and information provided by these devices is intended to be a close estimation of your activity, but may not be completely accurate, including step, sleep, distance and calorie data. Garmin activity trackers are not medical devices, and the data provided by them is not intended to be utilized for medical purposes and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Garmin recommends that you consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise routine.
  18. Why there is no weather display on vivosmart HR?
    Because Garmin Connect Mobile bluetooth and GPS haven't been turned on in smartphone yet. After turning them on, the weather information will appear.
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