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NOSTRA Digital Map
Do you know how many processes are required before the navigable map is ready for Garmin users?

map or
aerial photography
Starting from the collecting of aerial photography data and use the photogrammetry technology which is a specific technic for mapping task.

Contour map data
Then the aerial photographs was converted to contour map via a digitize method with mapping hardware and software to obtain a basemap that covers the whole country. The coverage includes the transportation data, waterways.

Field survey data.
Import data from the survey
Send field survey team to area around the country and to collect additional information such as name and details of transportation routes, waterways, including the coordinate location and descriptions of the point-of-interest (POI) to get the most accurate information available.

Data layers
The final step is to import data from field survey by combining it with the basemap contour lines. And store these data systematically following the data preparation standard which has been designed to be flexible and can be used most effectively to meet the demand of customers.
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